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Coming back to this ... again.

Hanging out at Culture Hack Scotland. My hack was ... semi-successful.

Fergus: there will be a "CC: to Twitter" option. So, yep.

So does it actually need permission to update my stuff on twitter? Much as I trust you, I'm always uneasy about authorising that.

whoa, now you're like, standing behind me...and the Dr Who weirdness continues :D

And Edinburgh becomes the first city to have a tightly focused floodboard. Unfortunately, it turns out there's a minor bug that makes all our messages greyed out when that happens. I'll get to it later.

We can all be Doctor Who, using the magic of the Internet.

*awe* Ben's Dr Who! .9m-->175.5m in a matter of seconds!

You know what I'd really like right now? A glass of wine, a hug, and an episode of Mad Men back at the flat. Bummer.

Sneaky Benjamin.

Cheekily posting from Edinburgh. Howdy!