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Viewing the I 580, Pleasanton flood. (Refresh or Set my location)

Messages within 58.75 miles. (Widen, Tighten, 0, 1, 5, 15 miles)

Playing with Criticue.

Blue skies, the Berkeley hills, a big glass of water, projects going well. Hooray for Tuesday.

Taking a quick breather on the road to Turlock.

To do: add infinite scrolling, automatic page updates, and re-enable both files and photos. I'm also wondering about other types of profiles. Limiting this to Twitter seems silly.

Mucking about with Onflood, my location-based message board.

I think it's time to tweak the algorithm here, and add photos & files.

I really want to get Comet working on the back-end. Twitter style message updates are nice and all, but a location-aware live chatroom would rock.

Posting about Onflood in a number of places, then a movie and a little work before bedtime. Looking forward to peoples' feedback.

Howdy, San Francisco. Anyone else roaming Web 2.0 Expo this week?