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Viewing the East 5th Street, Austin flood. (Refresh or Set my location)

Messages within 283 miles. (Widen, Tighten, 0, 1, 5, 15 miles)

It's odd in Louisiana too--it's putting me in another town but only about 10 miles away.

I set my location, still getting the "East 5th St, Austin" Flood. :(

Yeah, there's something odd about the geolocation in Texas (and maybe the whole South). At least you can manually set your location now :/

I still seem to be in downtown Austin... at least it's only 3.5 miles off for me!

Feedback: Browser IP geoloc placed me in downtown Austin, ~20 miles away from my actual location.

Cheekily posting from Austin. Man, I'm a jet-setter this evening.

i'm a good 3.5 miles away from where my location claims i am.

heloooo from atx. does this go to my twitter feed, then?