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Viewing the flood. (Refresh or Set my location)

Playing with Criticue.

Blue skies, the Berkeley hills, a big glass of water, projects going well. Hooray for Tuesday.

Coffee from a "french press". Nobody here knows how to use a french press. So it's like mud - just how I like it.

Taking a quick breather on the road to Turlock.

To do: add infinite scrolling, automatic page updates, and re-enable both files and photos. I'm also wondering about other types of profiles. Limiting this to Twitter seems silly.

Mucking about with Onflood, my location-based message board.

Coming back to this ... again.

Hmmm... Not sure if want.... Seems to be just UK based atm.

Interesting idea. Seem to be getting stuff from the UK.

Checking in from the dining room table at the Cape.

I think it's time to tweak the algorithm here, and add photos & files.

Hanging out at Culture Hack Scotland. My hack was ... semi-successful.

Having a cup of coffee at the Hoxton Hotel. Love this place.

Well, Heathrow. But that's kind of London.

Check it out. I'm in London for reals.

Very clever... Chrome knew where I was!

It's odd in Louisiana too--it's putting me in another town but only about 10 miles away.

your aitch ain't ere

I just dropped one of my aitches in Oxford. Anyone seen it?

Neat. Twitter should have this by default.

Funny think Ben, Color has us enthused as well....we've been developing something even better for a year now. :)

After I gave Chrome permission, Flood discovered my location without any grief.

Hello, Flood. I'm on my new laptop at Coffee Culture, killing time trying this app while my daughter is in her lesson. :)

I set my location, still getting the "East 5th St, Austin" Flood. :(



Reading XMPP specs

Fergus: there will be a "CC: to Twitter" option. So, yep.

So does it actually need permission to update my stuff on twitter? Much as I trust you, I'm always uneasy about authorising that.


Andy: I'm working on OpenID et al.

Yeah, there's something odd about the geolocation in Texas (and maybe the whole South). At least you can manually set your location now :/

I still seem to be in downtown Austin... at least it's only 3.5 miles off for me!

Geolocate here was creepily accurate enough that I actually changed it to be a bit more generic. Pretty neat.

I like a new geolocation toy as much as the next guy.

Feedback: Browser IP geoloc placed me in downtown Austin, ~20 miles away from my actual location.

The closest I can set my location to is over 8mi away.

Yo, dwellers of E2 and environs. Tighten your message range. Let's get exclusive. 'Sup?

Ooooh, exciting. I wish it didn't use Twitter as its authoriser, but otherwise it's a neat idea.

whoa, now you're like, standing behind me...and the Dr Who weirdness continues :D

Wow, slightly freaked out by Opera knowing my location down to the road I'm in.. but good morning!

And Edinburgh becomes the first city to have a tightly focused floodboard. Unfortunately, it turns out there's a minor bug that makes all our messages greyed out when that happens. I'll get to it later.

We can all be Doctor Who, using the magic of the Internet.

*awe* Ben's Dr Who! .9m-->175.5m in a matter of seconds!

Posting from the Sussex countryside

OH HAI. You know, I've never actually been to Liverpool.

You know what I'd really like right now? A glass of wine, a hug, and an episode of Mad Men back at the flat. Bummer.

I really want to get Comet working on the back-end. Twitter style message updates are nice and all, but a location-aware live chatroom would rock.

Posting about Onflood in a number of places, then a movie and a little work before bedtime. Looking forward to peoples' feedback.

Howdy, San Francisco. Anyone else roaming Web 2.0 Expo this week?

Cheekily posting from Austin. Man, I'm a jet-setter this evening.

i'm a good 3.5 miles away from where my location claims i am.

heloooo from atx. does this go to my twitter feed, then?

Testing testing 123 (then going to bed)

Sneaky Benjamin.

Cheekily posting from Edinburgh. Howdy!